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Taraz_hotels Hotel «Zhambyl» image003image003image003

Location: 42, Tole Bi Str.
Description: Hotel “Zhambyl” – the pearl of the modern city, is named in honor of the Kazakh bard Zhambyl Zhabayev, is an integral part of the architectural ensemble of the center of Taraz. The hotel was built in 1961 and reconstructed in 1995. Hotel “Zhambyl” is part of the Kazakhstan Association of hotels and restaurants.Rates: from 45 US $

Taraz_hotels (1) Hotel «Аn-еl» image003image003image003

Location: 142А Kazybek Bi
Description: Hotel “An-Nel” is located in the southwest city of Taraz. Facilities include comfortable rooms of European standards. The hotel is located in a quiet area in the vicinity of shops and cafes, the city market.
Rates: from 57 US $

gazovik Hotel «Gazovik»

Location: 7а-1 Suleimanova
Description: Modern design of hotel “Gazovik”, made in European style. Autonomous heating and hot water, satellite television, a variety of services and service attributes hotel “Gazovik” to the category of elite.
Rates: from 51 US $

Тараз Hotel «Тaraz»

Location: 75А Zhambyl Ave.
Description: Hotel “Taraz” is located near the city center at one of the main streets, bearing the name of the national bard Zhambyl Zhabayev. In the façade and the interior of the building of hotel “Taraz” used in traditional southern Kazakhstan motives.
Rates: from 38 US $

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