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Location: 52/3 Gogol Str.
Description: In December 2003 in Karaganda, was opened the first hotel in the region named “Alatau”, which can rightly be called a boutique hotel. “Alatau” is located in the center of the city, one of the main streets. Not far from it there are a bowling center “Arman”, a water park, a large shopping center.

The main principle of a boutique hotel – a wholly unique. Usually everything on the layout of rooms to accessories, is developing by designer. Incompatible with the concept of hotel chains, being built on the world of hotels, decorated in a similar style, boutique hotel is designed for the new category of travelers and businessmen. Here only the highest quality, the whole match. The main criteria for choosing a hotel – style, design, atmosphere.

Hotel Alatau “- the only region that has the right to be called” boutique hotel “. A boutique hotel – is a wholly unique. Only the highest quality, appropriate price, the main criteria – style, design, atmosphere. There are no standard rooms, you will live in “Paris”, “London”, “Rome”, “New York”, “Saint Petersburg”, “Stockholm”, “Tokyo”.
Surely every person dreams at least once in life to be in the best parts of the world, but not everyone can afford it themselves. Boutique hotel “Alatau” gives you a unique opportunity to visit the seven most beautiful cities of the world, while not tiring myself a long flight and well rested for this!
4 suites and 3 junior suites. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mini-bars, telephones, cable TV, internet access, hairdryer, and shower.
New York. Direct geometric shapes, metal, bright colors, black and white large posters, here you charge the rhythm, tempo and energy!
Paris. Romantic Paris will not leave you indifferent. Cream and beige colors take you to the atmosphere of the capital of France.
London. The magnificent design of the Victorian era.
Rome. In Rome, you feel that you are in the sun-drenched Italy.
Tokio. Here you will feel the relaxing atmosphere of Japan. Ikebana, Sakura, Japanese graphics, all you can see in this room!
Stockholm. Stockholm Swedish coolly passes you and restraint. Even the accessories are native of Sweden.
Saint Petersburg. The magnificence and beauty of “Northern Palmyra” easily transferred to you as soon as you enter this room!
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A stay on a visit at the restaurant “Alatau” – is to be in a cozy home: dinner with colleagues during a break in the working day to arrange a family dinner, invite friends and hold a banquet.
Restaurant “Alatau” offers:
•    National and Intercontinental cuisine
•    Meals
•    Business lunch
•    Corporate meetings
•    Presentations and club meetings


Services and facilities:

  • Free breakfast
  • Bar and Restaurant for 80 persons
  • Summer Cafe
  • Banquet service
  • ATM
  • Baby sitting service, laundry
  • Free parking
  • Meeting services at the airport
  • VIP service
  • The procedure for registration of passports
Accommodation Rates

Hotel’s rate:

Standart single/double – 10 000/12 000  KZT

Suite Juniour  – 16 000 KZT

Suite  – 20 000 KZT

The price  includes: VAT(12%) ,breakfast

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