High-mountain sports complex “Medeu” and Ski Resort “Chimbulak”

Duration:  4 hours
Season: all the year round
Group size: 1 to 60
Advance order: 3 days
Travel itinerary: Maloalmatinsky Gorge – High-mountain skating rink “Medeu” and Ski Resort “Chimbulak


Chimbulak ski resort is situated in an attractive gorge of the Zailii Alatau at a height of 2,260 m above sea level and 25 km from the city center. The average air temperature is +20°C in summer and -7°C in winter. The snow is on average 150cm thick in winter, with consistent snow cover from November to May. 90% of the days in the year are sunny. The slopes are served by three chairlifts and two tow ropes.  The chairlifts can take you from a height of 2260 m above sea level to the Talgar pass (3,163 m), for a vertical drop of 903 meters. The routes are continuously maintained by professional groomers. A long natural mountainside ideal for downhill skiing, with various features in combination with a unique snowpack, providing for better carving and racing, has delighted generations. Later, the first downhill route in the country, complying with international standards, was opened.

Medeu Skating rink is located  at a height of 1,733 meters above sea level, sits one of the most unique places in the world, the famous Medeo, located in the gorge of the same name. It is situated in the Zaliliski Alatau valley (1,520-1,750m above sea level).
The skating rink was built in 1972. The system of ice production has no analogue in the world and is capable of maintaining the ice surface eight months a year.
The surface of the ice field measures 10.5 thousand sq.m, where skaters, hockey-players and figure skaters can train. 112 world records in skating have been set at Medeo, and over 120 records in total have been established in speed skating here. Currently, the complex has been improved after an upgrade. The valley was named after Medeo, a nomad who lived in the previous century, who set up his aul in these magical places. The high mountain skating-rink is nice in any weather.

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